Yoga at the Teacher Training studio

So I went to the 9:00-10:45 am yoga class yesterday with the yogi who will be my teacher. It was lovely – we started with a bit of a Socratic discussion about yoga and whether it is more for the mind or for the body, which morphed into a discussion about how we as Westerners tend to identify ourselves too much with our physical forms and how that leads to suffering. Because the physical form is always aching, changing, disappointing us – especially if we feel like we *should* be able to do something. Inherently, I could see several yogic ideas wrapped up in this discussion that I’m sure we’ll get into more during the training modules.

But my yogi is very much human – he not a beatific, ultra-Zen monk who has attained Nirvana. He made a cartoon “waakk” sound as he lost his balance during half-lotus forward bend. He dropped the f-bomb during our discussion of what in our brains and bodies hold us back from self-unfoldment. And I like that.

There was chanting, of Om and So-Hum (“I am That which I am”), Shanti, and a longer prayer like chant. There was a lot of breath work. And we did three relaxation poses through our practice, which was pretty awesome.

I’ll try to make it there for the next two Saturdays before the teacher training starts.

:) More updates to come!


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