Yoga, Day 5??

So, it was with some shock that I realized that it was day 5 of 7 today for my first yoga module. I can’t believe that it’s almost done!

Today we started studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and comparing several different commentaries on them. They are basically *The* source material for any understanding of the philosophy of yoga. There are apparently a lot of books that I could read to continue developing my understanding of yoga. Perhaps I shall get to that eventually.

Tomorrow night, I will really need to revise so that I will get this stuff cemented in my brain. I think we are expecting a quiz on Friday. Sanskrit is a really fun language because it’s vibrational.

A moment of synchronicity the other day as I was driving to class – I was listening to CBC Radio 2 and they played The Police “Spirits in a Material World”, which is funny because Sting studied Tantra and this is one of the precepts – that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. After that, they played a Rufus Wainwright cover of All Across the Universe, which is also interesting because John Lennon wrote his mantra into the song that had been gifted to him by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. These are things you’re not really supposed to share…

Another nice thing – it might have been the same day too – was seeing an “Hors de service” double decker bus stop on Scott St to let on a fellow who was “walking” along on crutches. So sweet for him to save him the walk to the bus stop. I don’t know how far he took him, but that put a smile on my face. I was in the midst of memorizing the bus number to congratulate the driver for kindness on Twitter, but then I thought he might get in trouble for picking someone up outside of a bus stop and when he wasn’t in service. Isn’t that a terrible thing to think? But since the singing bus drivers have been shut down, that seems like the way things are operating.

My boyfriend and I went out last night for Pub Italia and a walk in the Arboretum. It was so lovely. The night was a lovely warmth and sweetness. A couple of the Arboretum’s magnolias are blooming. There were at least two toads singing. And there were a ton of bats flitting around. We did a nice loop past some of my favourite trees and stood on the overlook, watching the city lights and chatting. We walked hand in hand and I smiled a lot.

And then tonight, I had a great dinner and conversation (and a glass of sangria) with my friend, and she gave me a cute frog shaped cookie cutter that she and her daughter had found and thought of me. We talked about Ireland because she lived there for a while and she gave me super helpful hints about the roundabouts there. Hooray!

And that’s my update for tonight. :)

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