First yoga done, prep happening

So day 7 of my yoga teacher training was interesting and kind of anti-climactic.  We spent the morning doing an oral review of what we’d discussed through the week (I’m really glad I spent Thursday night doing review because I didn’t feel so lost when he tossed the questions out to us).  I felt badly for Strong Artist as she’d been out to a party the night before and she wasn’t 100%.  Then we did a fairly intermediate yoga practice (we had started doing intermediate yoga practices by about Wednesday/Thursday) and went for lunch at a Thai restaurant (where I was noticing people’s food choices – even my own – from an Ayurvedic point of view).

When we came back, we explored a form of yoga nidra (yoga sleep), which is intended to be an extremely deep meditative relaxation where you maintain an awareness of your surroundings.  Apparently, yogis tend to use yoga nidra instead of sleep in order to further work with their steadiness and removal of avidya, or ignorance.  In the form we did, which was Rod Stryker’s “Relax into Greatness”, we were supposed to set an intention that we will work with for a while.  I’m not sure why I picked the one I did, but we shall see.

Since then, the realization that I will be climbing on board a jet which will take me across the pond once again has alternately excited me and turned my stomach into a mass of butterflies.  Yesterday, I was able to help my friend by doing a photo shoot at her house, so that she would have personalized pictures for her wedding website.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend.  I managed to see my mom today for a quick tea and chat, and to borrow a better raincoat that might actually keep me dry for longer than an hour (I really need to replace the shell on my MEC jacket).

My extra dSLR camera battery is charged.  My camera SD cards are downloaded and empty.  And I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon on AirBNB and Google Maps (bless StreetView) finding my way around the villages and cities where I’ll be staying.  I’m feeling more confident that I’ll be able to recognize where I am and frankly, I’m pretty good spatially, so give me a map and directions and I should be fine.  Also?  The driveway to the castle I’m staying at is just unfairly picturesque – it’ll probably take me an hour to get to the castle itself because I’ll be stopping every five feet.

A few last things to do here before I can board my flight – my last physiotherapy appointment tomorrow morning, where I should probably be discharged.  My ankles, feet and legs have not been hurting at all.  Hooray!  Also, stopping by Henry’s to pick up an extra SD card or so.  I’m planning on shooting fairly large file sizes because I’m hoping to be able to print some of them out, perhaps even on canvases.  Oh, and I should clean my house too.  And those other banal things.  Last laundry, last check to make sure I have all my toiletries, last choices of entertainment to bring for the plane and last note taking before  I pack my Moleskine.

Next, I need to open my suitcase and start laying my clothes in it.  And… cue the really huge flock of butterflies… Eeeeeeeeeek!

Okay, I should be able to breathe my way through this, given what I’ve learned in the past week. ;)

Now, to continue my prep work!

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