Time flies…

If I was going to be honest, today is the first day I’ve felt like I’m “on vacation”.  I didn’t have to get ready “to go” at the same pace as my boyfriend this morning.  I kind of rattled around at loose ends, actually – making him laugh because I was just hanging around, following him and chatting with him while he got ready for work.  Then I went back to bed, and my cat snuggled, purring, with me on the pillow and we snoozed there for a bit.  That’s probably for the best because I don’t really sleep on planes, though I try.  I had a dream about some of my cousins from my father’s side of the family, with one of whom I started to plan for a girls spa visit, just my mom, sister, myself and she.  (You don’t know how the grammar check in my head is questioning how I’m phrasing this…  And being reminded of the Winston Churchill quote about an overly grammar-concerned bureaucrat…)

But my suitcase is basically packed – I think most of the remainder of what I’m carrying will go in my purse (I’ve given up calling it a satchel…)  My camera bag has been ready since yesterday.  I just need to transfer a few more notes to my moleskine and then I should be good.

Way back when, I took some of my heavy sketching paper and I created an “inspiration cards” deck.  They are about 1.5 by 2 inches, and they have one word written on one side and then a cute footprint stamp on the “back” (I really liked that stamp for some reason).  I sewed up some fabric scraps from one of the throw pillows that my grandmother and I had made together (she was re-teaching me how to sew on the sewing machine and we were making the throw pillows for my apartment), into an oddly shaped bag, and braided some embroidery thread, carrying one strand of “gold” thread through it, to create the drawstring.  The words are just random, some are uplifting, some are serious, one card is blank.  I think I misspelled “annihilation”.  Anyway…

Last night, as I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some of my poking through the pile of books (pictured in the previous post), I thought to pull three cards for my trip.  I was taking a chance because, like I say, not all the words are “nice” to get.

I pulled :  Creativity  –  Independence  –  Thunder

That was a happy moment.  All three of those things are involved in my adventure.  :)

So, in about four hours, I’ll be putting my suitcase and whatnot into my boyfriend’s car and we’ll go to the airport.  I even remembered to take the Swiss Army knife out of my purse!  *smart*  I am looking forward to this, though there is a part of me that would like to just relax here.  But then I’m reminded of my friend who travels a ton, and he acknowledges that this whole “preparation” part makes you wonder what the heck you’re doing, disrupting your life and going far from home, not being in your comfortable bed.  But that once you’re out there travelling, it makes it all worth it because you’re having experiences and creating memories that you will cherish for a long time.  I won’t be doing the technical hike he did in Ireland but I will be doing some hiking – stay tuned for those stories.  I packed three tubes of sunscreen, so I hope to make it through unscathed.  Ireland and England are my genetic stomping grounds, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get sunburned there too!

And just because it’s been running through my head (the Chantal Kreviasuk version), here’s a song to round out the post:  John Denver – Leaving on a Jet Plane

Just in case I miss it – a shout out to my friend Flops whose birthday it is tomorrow.  Hugs, lady, and I hope you start feeling better.  Thinking of you from across the ocean.


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