Feel the sea

Feel the heave and swell of the Irish Sea.

We’re following the Stena Line ferry across the Irish Sea as we both were late leaving, and are battling gale force winds, apparently. I’m perched in the frontmost seat, right on the bow, looking towards where we’re headed. I haven’t gone on deck yet but am quite enjoying the roller coaster, weightless stomach feeling of the ship traversing the waves and the hollow thunder boom as the waves break against the hull. Perhaps I was a pirate in a previous life…

Addendum: Gale force winds are fun. I went up to Deck 11 where the smokers were all huddled into the smoking hut, and smiled as the cold wind whipped my hair and blew rain into my face. I walked to the railing and stood there, smelling the cleanliness of the sea air and feeling the force. I had to take very deliberate steps as I walked across the wet deck, jeans plastered against my calves and rain jacket belt snapping in the wind. I looked over the stern to see our creamy green wake. Then I ducked inside again, refreshed. I still don’t have my sea legs, as the rocking does have me weaving a bit, but it’s so fun.

Later: The wifi on ship was inadequate to be able to post, so I’m in my hotel room now. It’s very reminiscent of my hostel in Paris. Although they at least had a lift. I hauled my luggage (luckily I packed light) up to the “first floor” to my room after a fun taxi ride with a charismatic Dubliner who also recommended I visit the Guinness brewery. He also pointed me to a place with good food just down the street. I’ve also “rearranged” my room slightly, putting to TV on the floor and unplugging it so that my suitcase can be in the desk and so I can charge my iTouch in that spot.

That’s my day mostly. Tomorrow will be my initiation into driving in Ireland. My taxi driver’s advice was to be in the correct lane for any manoeuvres I want to make. Sound advice, especially when dealing with roundabouts.


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