Grey morning

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day back home. I know the day has just barely turned (I am five hours ahead of you, after all). And my mother certainly won’t be up and reading this yet (hi Mom!). But I hope my friends and family have a good Mother’s Day, especially those who are new to it, this being one of their first Mother’s Days.

I’m sitting on the end of my bed with the covers over my legs, looking out to the wet and grey day outside. I just spoke with the owner, Eric, and he’ll be serving breakfast a little after 8:30 – another lovely Irish (vegetarian) fry up – two eggs, beans, mushrooms, potatoes, and a small tomato with toast, tea, juice and yogurt. The car ferry at Ballyhack will be running this morning, beginning at 9:00, he said.

I was a little unsure given church and whatnot. Today seems to be communion day as there was a family at the chipper last night talking to their youngest about what she’s wearing to the eldest’s communion (a communion dress with communion shoes that are shiny, apparently). They were funny, and the dad kept running back into the kitchen where a rather violent football match was going on. They weren’t *exactly* tackling each other but… They weren’t giving out yellow and red cards for hugging either.., also, my next B&B owners and I arranged my arrival for 8:00pm because they had a communion to celebrate today as well.

You don’t really realize how secular we are in Canada until stuff like this pops up. And it makes you wonder if your heathen little soul is intruding on someone’s spiritual day because it’s really just another day for you.

But I just saw a heron flying low and fast over the quiet grey breakers. The first one I’ve really seen that I could identify. The other was in Wales and I only saw it at a distance and from a weird angle.

Anyway, wish me luck – I’m heading to my next stop and it’s a bit of a drive. :)


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