From top to bottom, my day in photos

Because it’s late, I’ll just do a photo entry. :) County Clare today.


Ferry trip across the Shannon


Cliffs of Moher – some notable movies used them as a backdrop (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – I know where the locket horcrux is…). Also? Friggin’ amazing in real life.


Doolin Cave – 200 feet below ground and a stalactite that looks like fabric hanging from the ceiling, that was about this large when the pyramids were being built. I wore a hard hat and bonked my head on the roof of the tunnel. Saw a fossilized worm and fossilized coral where the actual prehistoric sea bed was. It is very dark underground, 12C and 95% humidity.


Galway – Quay Street at about 8:45 pm. I went to The Malt House for dinner and had my pint of Guinness at The King’s Head while listening to a trad music concert. Not a session, per se, but the bodhran player was impressive. The King’s Head is so named because that land was given as payment to the Galway man who beheaded Charles I.


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