Trying to stay classy…

I’m on my best behaviour, though some colloquialisms have crept in. Yeah, I’m staying in a castle tonight. And I was early so I got to hang out at Lough Meelagh beforehand and pet a couple of dogs, and take some really green photos.




Whatevs. ;)

In all seriousness, it is lovely and luxurious. I just finished my spa treatment and I’m sitting in a common area to access wifi (must be too difficult to put it in castle rooms).

Another thing from yesterday I that I forgot to mention – Corkscrew Hill. 0.o They are crazy switchbacks going down the sides of those hills. I saw (read: drove down) a few more today going through Connemara too. The mountains themselves also look really cool. And I think I fell in love with Connemara. I was writing it prose poetry while I drove. Have to try to recapture it before it disappears.

Now to go iron my dress for dinner. :)


3 thoughts on “Trying to stay classy…

  1. just loving hearing about your wanderings
    keep your broadsword handy, you never know when it comes to the sorry stricken….
    although I can’t imagine them turning up at any of the wondrous places you’ve been
    keep on truckin,

  2. I just remembered your blog and checked it out. First, I went to the wrong Jen blog, but here I am and recognizing the scenery. Looks like you are having a fine time and coping well with the driving. I am so pleased to hear this as many people would just do a coach tour and miss out on all the little things. Enjoy!! And, if you have not already done so< have some Banofee Pie with a white coffee! XX Julie

  3. Yay the castle part…I’ve been waiting for this since u left…can’t wait to hear more about it. I’m so glad ur havin’ a good time & more glad that this website/iTouch uploads are working..I look forward to those blog entries of urs in my inbox. Have lots of fun :)

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