On the road again

On the train – not unlike in England. But I look out onto familiar landscapes this time, as I’m running through the area I grew up in, and worked in for a while. Just heading out of Ottawa for a weekend in Quebec City with my mom and sister. This is the fifth weekend of being busy and I’m noticing. I actually only have two unscheduled weekends left in my time off…

Somewhere in Eastern Ontario/West Quebec

So I took a bit of a break in my blogging when I got back. I had a mass transit cold that I’m just getting over, plus jet lag that had me waking up fresh as a daisy at 1:00am, because that was 6:00 am in Ireland – so a nasty few night’s sleep right after landing. I had a bunch of appointments and home stuff, vet related concerns (the old girl cat is being concerning), seeing family and delivering a few Irish presents. Not to mention getting to see my boyfriend and try to do something date-like with him (while trying not to pass on my cold) because I missed him during my adventure.

Downloaded my photos though – over 2500 of them. Most of them turned out pretty well. Only a few were washed out because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my ISO. I might be able to salvage them through some photo editing, hopefully (really need to finish J’s Understanding Exposure and then find all the full controls on the old camera). And only a couple are not salvageable due to focus issues (quick shots gone so, so wrong). I’m excited to print some out. I took a lot of door shots, window shots, birds, ruins, sea versus rocks, pathways, macro plants and tide pools and fossils. And my Stonehenge ones are pretty lovely too (probably 50-100 just of different pieces and angles on the stones). I think my viewfinder might be off centre though. A whole bunch of my photos seem to have a bit of a tilt and I was paying attention to alignment (most of the time…)

I got into the studio exactly once since Friday last week (I.e. since I’ve been back). But after going through my photos, I think the gnarled tree on my current canvas will borrow some characteristics from the one fairy tree at Carrowkeel. And I want to put a fuzzy “vision” “frame” around the image so that it’s shadowy and mysterious.

My flight back from England was all afternoon. I actually got to relive 3:00 pm about three times as we passed through time zones. The Atlantic Ocean is very large. I kept looking down and seeing tiny white flecks. Now keep in mind I was at 34000 feet. I watched them and if they disappeared, they were probably white caps. If not… Icebergs? I saw a huge tanker or freighter churning across the North Atlantic but from my vantage point it looked only a few millimetres long. I sat with a chemist or chemical engineer graduate student (or post doc?) who was looking over a PowerPoint presentation involving the chemical structures containing some of the rarer elements in the periodic table. Behind me was a Norwegian fellow on his way to see his Canadian girlfriend in Edmonton. And a Canadian girlfriend who had decided at 2am that morning that she was coming home to see her boyfriend in Ottawa. We commiserated on the uncertainty of having grabbed all of our things and I shared my boyfriend’s priority list for absolute must-haves. 1. Passport. 2. Wallet. 3. Keys. Everything else is pretty replaceable.

Somewhere over the North Atlantic – much closer to space.

There are other small stories from my trip that I’ll try to remember to share. Like the full castle dinner experience, and some more driving stories.

Bonjour Montreal!

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