And back again

It was a lovely trip to Quebec City. We arrived in a torrential downpour and sadly resembled drowned rats upon our entry to the Chateau Frontenac. We walked the ramparts, watched as two locals tried to catch their ramparts-hunting cats, got to meet a nervous rampart chipmunk, looked at rampart graffiti and walked in the cold rampart rain.

Chateau Frontenac entryway. My sister has a similar photo – I was trying to block the wind that whips through there when she was taking it because she was shivering. It didn’t work, apparently.

We ate Paris style sandwiches and real macarons in a little cafe and then found warmer jackets because we could see our breath. I received dress advice from a shop girl and now I have a unique, Quebec City dress for L’s wedding. We walked probably for 10 km all told yesterday. We were directed to a vegetarian restaurant that we suspect went out of business, then walked all the way back to a restaurant I’d found that would be okay for all of us. My sister’s poor feet did survive the walk in her “fast flats” because her alternative was sandals. Then we went to the cool St. Laurent bar in the Chateau Frontenac where we had signature cocktails invented by the Fairmont bartenders and sat beside Newt Gingrinch and his wife (who had amazing hair). People asked to take pictures with him – we didn’t.

And now we’re on our respective rides home. And it’s June. Craziness.

Hello, Montreal.


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