Interesting list

I was just doing a quick flip through of some of the blogs I follow (it’s a mish-mash – I’m not going to lie), and I came upon a follow-up post to a previous post that intrigued me.  It was written by Leo Babauta on his mnmlist blog entitled “things I don’t have that many do“.  I don’t always read that far down on my blog list because often I’m surfing when I could be doing one of many other things.  But today I had a day off from yoga teacher training because my yoga teacher had to do something for his day job, so I’ve been pretty busy.  My boyfriend was in need of a shelf and I was looking to cull through some of the things in my studio, so these interests coincided.  So I spent the day in my studio, going through my boxes and reducing six banker boxes to three, and emptying a DVD box and two CD boxes at the same time.  It’s interesting what one hangs onto when one isn’t looking at things.  Today will be made up in September, just before our last session.

But, back to the intriguing list.  If you’ve perused his list, you will have noticed why his blog is called mnmlist or minimalist… But I think I can make a similar observation.

Things I don’t have that many do:

  • television
  • video game console
  • cable / satellite / whatever TV subscription
  • meat in my diet (I can’t claim the milk or eggs)
  • car loan (I have a car and car insurance though)
  • debt
  • mortgage / house (I do have renter’s insurance which is sort of like house insurance)
  • gym membership
  • magazines or newspapers
  • Instagram or Pintrest, Flickr, etc…

Not as impressive of a list, but interesting.  He doesn’t have “a lot of clothes” and I can’t claim that.  I don’t think I have a tonne of clothes, but I do have work clothes, casual clothes, comfy clothes, yoga/workout clothes and dressed up clothes.  I have way more shoes than I realized (or thought possible for someone who hates shopping).  I have some kitchen gadgets, but they’re getting pared down (next to go is the bread maker I haven’t touched in almost a year – I prefer to hand pound my bread and use my stoneware loaf pans).  I have a lot of recipe books but they could probably be culled a bit – there are really only a couple I use a lot, and I mostly make up my recipes from my head anyway.  I have a lot of reading books that I need to get through (part of the reason I’m tracking my reading on this blog – to see if I’m able to do more reading this year).  

But, what do I have instead?

  • an easel and canvases to paint
  • sketchbooks
  • a kickass gaming computer
  • moleskines to write in
  • other arts and crafts supplies (including yarn)
  • an electric piano
  • a guitar
  • a dog to walk
  • a cat to pet
  • evenings free from shows I *have* to watch
  • a yoga mat
  • a comparative theology library
  • time to imagine, create and dream
  • time to have deep, philosophical discussions with my boyfriend
  • time to cook yummy meals
  • time to see, talk to and/or help family and friends

I’m not a minimalist, but I’ve never really been driven to buy things.  Most of my “possessions” have been gifts, inheritances, or hand-me-downs.  I’ve bought a few things, including my pots and pans, my dishes, my bed, my bedroom furniture (which is starting to degrade), some of my curtains and one of my couches.  But even my microwave is an inheritance.  My air conditioner is a hand-me-down.

I can’t claim to have no junk food, but my boyfriend and I have agreed that we need to lay off the chips.  I do have processed veggie things in the freezer and a couple of boxes of KD in the cupboard.  Heck, I even have Kr@ft peanut butter in the cupboard (smooth, not crunchy – ick).  But I also pack my fridge full of fresh veggies and use beans in my meals.

I found my overlap with some of Leo Babauta’s list interesting because I don’t have a TV not to be minimalist, but because… I don’t need one.  I don’t have a debt because I’m fortunate, not because I’ve gone out of my way to be debt free.  Granted, perhaps not having crazy buying habits has helped with that.  I don’t have a mortgage because I’m not ready to buy a house yet.  There are a lot of different reasons why I don’t have certain things, and there are a lot of different reasons why I have the things I have.  I’m more interested in being creative than in watching TV.  I’m more interested in making food than being quick in the kitchen.

Anyway, just an interesting list.  Back to yoga tomorrow.


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