One week down

First week back at work is done! I’m still in catch up mode, having come back to my job being… re-allocated, which was a surprise. I have far fewer files than I did when I left. I’m not sure what that means overall, but time will tell. Immediate benefits I can see include being less stressed, being able to sleep better, eat better and potentially not be sick all the time. Not a bad thing.

I was able to do yoga twice this week. Once as an evening practice on my first day, to help with the assimilation of the new information and to cool me down before bed (I did have insomnia the night before my first day back so I was pretty exhausted). And then I did get up and do a morning practice, which was nice but happened between 6:09 and 6:30 am. I even meditated! And didn’t fall asleep!

The best part of my first week was the number of my colleagues who so happily welcomed me back. I felt very loved from all the welcomes and smiles, hugs and laughter. And stunned looks sometimes because they couldn’t believe nine weeks had gone by already. At one point, someone said, “No, it’s only been like four weeks – you shouldn’t be here!” I would have happily taken another five weeks but alas, that wasn’t the deal I made with the boss. ;)

One point I overlooked as I was engaging in this arrangement was that since I’m working 80% this year I also receive 80% recompense – including vacation time. Which makes sense, but it didn’t really hit home until I saw the numbers in my file. So that’s impacting some plans I have, because about 40% of my vacation time will be dedicated to my next yoga module, leaving not a whole ton of days for other things like trips with my boyfriend and seeing both families at holidays and such. So that’s resulted in me having to change some plans I’d agreed to back in February, before I knew how all this was going to work.

This weekend is a big step because as of tomorrow, I will officially be without a landline for the first time in my life. My Internet and everything will go bye-bye and I’ll be getting hooked up to Teksavvy on Monday. Tech-free weekend! Maybe some painting and writing will be in order. :)

(Also, I’ll have to go in search of Internet if I’m going to blog this weekend – we’ll see!)

One thought on “One week down

  1. Welcome back Jen!!!! This is pathetic I had no idea u were at work this entire week!!! We didn’t cross paths! I’ll come see u on Mon!

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