Sharing my adventure further

I went out on a limb today and believed those folks at work who kindly said they wanted to see my pictures from my trip.  I booked a room with a projector, and sent a meeting invite.  And people actually accepted!  So tonight I started making a slideshow of my photos.

I can’t share all of them because they’re not all worth sharing.  Also, there are over 2500 of them and I’m just not that cruel.  I am trying to weave stories (some of which have been told here) into the pattern of my pictures.  I’m also trying to choose pictures that haven’t been posted elsewhere – somewhat difficult as I’ve shared some of the photos I’m most proud of with friends and family on That Social Networking Site.  But I think I can weave a less-than-hour-long tale through a presentation populated only by pictures to encapsulate my adventure.

But I do want to figure out the distance travelled part of the equation.  Must continue to do that.  Last time I tried, my browser crashed after 300 km (after I asked it to go back one plot point because I’d taken the wrong turn… oops).


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