My poem

A bit of reviewing of my writing going on the past couple of days, I guess. Here’s a poem I started writing a few months ago as I was walking – I spend a lot of time writing in my head as I walk.

My poem

I walk across parking lots.
I cut through flower beds.
I let my dog stop to smell almost everything.
I smile and wink at babies.
I don’t need coffee.

I am a chipper morning person.
I am a night owl revelling in the dark.
I look up at the stars and say hi.
I talk to the animals.
I believe in magic.

I want to help people heal.
I want to teach people to think.
I want to teach people to breathe.

I like wearing my hair short and punky.
I like wearing scarves.
I would dress like a gypsy all the time,
Except that I sometimes want to dress like a rocker chick,
And other times I want to dress in business casual.

I love the idea of a cottage in the woods
With a garden and a studio.
Lots of natural light, lots of natural air.

I like being able to walk places.
I like the smell and taste of coffee.
I prefer to walk on the grass, not the sidewalk.
I love to cook.
I love to nurture.

I love the world.
I like the idea of the apocalypse,
Of the destruction of civilization.
I struggle with deep questions.

I love my family and want to protect them.
My pets are my friends.
My friends are a part of my family.

I occasionally want to eat meat,
Until I really smell it, and then the sourness of it hits me.

I am constantly battling lethargy.
I am harder on myself than anyone else.
I am constantly seeking balance,
Neither too gentle and lazy,
Nor too harsh and strict,
A balance of loving-concern and self-care to be healthy.
Like a pendulum, sometimes it swings too far
And I must struggle to catch it.

I have so much I want to do.
And the best and worst part
Is that I have limited time in which to do it.

Best because it’s valuable when I dedicate time to it.

Worst because I have to choose one thing at a time.

This is My Poem.


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