More travels

Ahhh… My boyfriend and I are just back from a relaxing and wonderful long weekend, mini-vacation to Stratford, Ontario, where we ate good food, drank loads of alcohol and watched two Shakespearian plays – Romeo and Juliet and Othello.

Stratford is a lovely little town in southern Ontario, and we have gone there to watch Shakespeare three years in a row now. Luckily, we both love theatre, Shakespeare especially.

We each took Friday off and we drove down, through Toronto. Traffic was actually pretty good, considering. And Friday night, we just let ourselves relax. We went to one of our favourite restaurants – Fellini’s (where we realized that neither of us remember having seen a Fellini film in actuality). They have Hob Nob Pinot Noir by the bottle, and a delicious appetizer of marinated olives (with sundried tomatoes) and hummus and pita. They also have limoncello…

Saturday was R&J, in the evening, so we had the whole day to do even *more* relaxing. I managed not to fill our day up with things to do and let myself relax too. We wandered around town, poking into some of the stores but we didn’t end up buying anything. Which was nice. I commented to my boyfriend, as we had just passed two ladies with two shopping bags each, that I wondered whether those ladies had actually wanted to buy those things or if they’d bought something just to pass the time.

We wandered by the Avon…


And we saw ducks and swans and geese, all enjoying the water and free tourist food.

This one was pretty big…

We ate at Pazzo that night, in the cellar/pizzeria. We really lucked out to get a table, I think, because the place filled up quickly right after we sat down. The upstairs is a fancier dining experience and the downstairs is more like a really good restaurant, where you get to sit in their wine cellar, or near their wood-fired, thin crust pizza oven. We had delicious food and a bottle of Californian Zinfandel (though not my favourite one). Then we headed off to R&J.

They did it in period costume with rapiers (okay, autocorrect – really? rapiers turns to rappers? It’s like you don’t even *know* me…). Juliet did a good job evoking the “Eeeeee!!! He’s so dreamy!!!” And Romeo did a good job with the melodramatic and rash young man role. They broke the third wall and were interacting with the crowd a bit – it would be nice if one of these times, we could get them not to kill themselves…

Sunday was Othello. Not one of my favourites of Shakespeare’s plays but one I hadn’t seen yet. Wow. It was intense and Iago is a very, VERY bad man. It was also in period dress with rapiers, and I’m sure Othello needed a soothing lozenge between Acts because of the way he yelled and growled so… I couldn’t help but think that, again, all of this could have been avoided with some effective communication between the parties involved. Let that be a lesson, boys and girls – before you murder your significant other based on the rumours of someone else, have a real honest conversation with your dearest to prevent, well, a murder-suicide.

I really did appreciate the utter relaxation we had to do. :) And only a week until my next long weekend.

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