There is Enough.


My mother was the one, when I was a child, who gave me the paradigm shift of abundance.  Instead of thinking of the world as a place of scarcity, think of it as one of abundance.  Instead of looking at all the things I’m missing or haven’t gotten, look at all the things I have.

There is enough.  I remember a time when I made $16,000 a year.  I had my own one bedroom apartment, paid my bills and bought food.  I even got haircuts, saw movies and took the bus home to visit my parents.  And I was content.  I was doing my Masters degree and being a TA to make that amount of money – spending at least 70 hours a week doing work in the lab, marking, preparing my teaching materials and lectures.  I was going through old bank statements and seeing the number of months I scraped by with a couple of dollars in my account, but I lived.  That was ten years ago.  And now I have to budget for a salary five times that amount?

There is enough.

There is another job.  There is another house.  There is food to eat and water to drink and air to breathe.  There are clothes to wear.  There are books to read.  There are thoughts to think and share.  There are internet sites to surf.

There are enough people in the world to be interested in whatever you wish to do that you will be able to do it and have someone pay you to do it.

Say you have 0.5% market penetration in Canada every year.  The Canadian population is estimated to have reached 34.8 million people in 2012.  That is 174 400 people who like your idea.  If they all pay $10 a year for your idea, you will make $1 744 000 every year until they stop paying you $10 for your idea.  But since you came up with that idea, you probably have other ideas too, so it’s not your only shot.  Or if it is, you keep maintaining that idea so that other people also want to pay you $10 a year for your idea.  This simplistic example ignores start up costs, creation costs, shipping and whatnot, but you get the picture.

There is enough.

Why live in a fearful world of scarcity and scrabbling?  Of holding on to mean scraps and bitter lives because of the fear of losing even that?  How is an existence soaked in bile and negativity better for you as a person than muscling through a change and finding something fulfilling?  A simple paradigm shift and you could live in a world where there is so much room for you and your ideas.  There is so much out there.  There is abundance.

There is enough.

Mums from Regent's Park - happy little buttons, and a lot of them.

Mums from Regent’s Park – happy little buttons, and a lot of them.  J.Gibson 2013

2 thoughts on “There is Enough.

  1. Emily Carr’s journal, Hundreds and Thousands, is named after a similar idea.

    English garden Asters

    or even…

    cupcake sprinkles…I’m not sure…

    Thnks for the inspiration Rev

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