Yoga Module 3: Omwork and intensity!

My seating setup this afternoon.

Wow, just finished day 4 of my last module of yoga teacher training. I’m just taking a few seconds to type up a post while I eat some leftovers, and before I fine tune the 60 minute class I have to teach tomorrow morning. At 9am.

It has been an intense week, with a lot of Things. Three out of the four of us are going through a shift right now – Shining Dancer, Strong Artist and I. I was in pretty bad shape on Sunday, after the pup thing. Shining Dancer said I was pale. I was still grieving. I’ll get more into how I managed to overcome that in a later post.

But this week has also been intense for homework (what I’m calling Omwork – I know, I’m a cheeseball). I was supposed to have read the psychology of the Bhagavad Gita text by this week, which I had been putting off. So now I’m struggling to finish the remaining 300 pages before the end of the week. Probably not going to make it. I’ve also needed to use my evenings to design classes. Plus trying to spend some time with my boyfriend. I just pulled out of a dinner out with a friend of ours because I was feeling uneasy about my class for tomorrow, and just wanted to spend more time in it. I also need to write up the meditation discussion. So the class is only partially done, really.

But it’s been good, really. We’re developing really well as teachers, I think. And we’re going to get together later in November for a quick workshop day to look over some more classes, so we can start designing classes and then check them with our teacher and each other.

Today we talked about ethics, and honestly it was very familiar to the ethics discussion that happened before I became a TA during my graduate work. There is a part of me that is disappointed that we have to have the discussion at all. But as evidenced by bad behaviour of some yoga teachers out there, people sometimes need to be reminded of the ethics of being placed in a position of power over others. If you act honourably, respectfully and with discernment towards your students, I would think that most unethical situations could be handled or avoided.

Off to do my Omwork! Oh, and it was nice to see my colleagues N and C in the past couple of days to say hi (and block traffic with my car so C could go get coffee). :)

Afternoon sunlight coming into the studio.


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