Another step

It sat there in my calendar, through last week and then this week, looking at me. Through the uncomfortable and unhappy parts of this week (medically related) and the bustle and hustle and busy and booked. Through the fun and laughter too. And it had a fun name too.

“Groovy yoga stuff”

I had booked a get together with my friend G, who was told that she should try yoga. So I offered to give her a little overview, a guided meditation and some breathwork, just to start her off. We had tried to get together before but a cold got in the way. But Friday, I was there, not sick. And so was she.

So, I took another step on my yoga teacher journey, and I taught for the first time. It wasn’t a typical teacher at the front of the room sort of deal. We met up, chatted for a bit, got her comfortable and darkened the room. And then I led her through a 20 minute guided meditation and working with her breathing. I watched to make sure that I wasn’t taking too long, that I was giving her cues when her body language looked like she was drifting a bit. When I brought her out of it, she told me it was great, and she was surprised that it actually had been twenty minutes. Then we sat on the floor chatting some more, and I relayed some of the philosophy, history and theory of yoga, and the meditation and breathwork that could be done. And she asked for more.

I suggested the next day we could get together. Next week. I’ll bring some more notes and references for her. But I’m sharing the things I learned, which, I think, is teaching.


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