Take a breath

I left work tonight with my fingers crossed that I would make it to the bus stop to catch my most direct bus home. Happily, I made it there about six minutes early for my bus. I saw a less direct but not-a-mosh-pit bus pull up, but since I only had four minutes to wait, I said to myself, “Self,” I said, “We can wait four minutes for our bus so we can read. We don’t need to get in that bus.”

So I waited. And the snow had started. And I watched as so many buses with the same numbers went by. And watched as people came and went. And I got colder and shivery.

Then I finally gave up and jumped on that same less direct bus. I had waited twenty minutes for my bus that never came. I didn’t even cross paths with it on my hustle home.


But there were Christmas lights up at the bus stop, that I took a picture of.

My day wasn’t bad, it was just a mildly frustrating way to end the work day. So breathe through the chill. And focus on how strong I felt as I hustled home, speed walking. (Though I think I may have blown past someone who wanted to ask directions… Oops, sorry, miss.)

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