Wintery Wednesday (a day late)

Sorry about the delay but things have been speeding up around here again. So I was only photo editing last night just before switching off the light.

The wonderland that met me as I left home for work yesterday. Twenty centimetres of snow!

The snowy vale through which I passed.

And because it was such a snowy day, it started all those Christmas feelings and I had to listen to my song list by the end of the day (but not while working because I am too tempted to sing along). But I did treat myself to a hot chocolate in the afternoon.

And the accidental cat. Probably not purposely designed, but fun. It did not contain any cat or cat fur. Or lactose. But it was full of delicious.

This weekend will be my final yoga workshop and marks the end of my yoga teacher training. I’m going to be official! Yesterday, my lovely weekly teacher, C, was ill and she looked at me as she was leaving and said, “You could teach it…” But I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have any classes with me, and I wasn’t about to make one up on the fly. But oh, that was a compliment! :)

Happy days – although they are getting busy, things are happening that are very cool.

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