Down East

For the first time in years, I’ve been sent to a conference. So I got on another plane today at the end of my workday and flew to the east coast, to Halifax for the ArcticNet conference.

Right behind the wing.

I watched out the window again, having once more held back my liquid laugh of glee at we punched forward and found lift. And I flew over my boyfriend’s father’s house. I could see everyone’s Christmas lights colouring the snow on their lawns.

Christmas lights in the ‘burbs.

I watched sparkles fly past my window, and I wondered if it was the way the strobe reflected off the twin prop engine and back onto the frost on the window. But they were always in different spots. It was only when we were preparing for approach and the pilot turned on the headlights that I realized we were flying through snow.

We landed and the tires of our wheel drove black marks through the white snow on the Tarmac.

As we were landing, the strobe was still flashing.

Then it was a long, slow, snowy drive from the airport, which is very far outside of Halifax, to my hotel downtown. My cab driver refreshingly didn’t overestimate what the car could handle. He also said after a drive like that, he was calling it a night.

My room is comfy with a king sized bed (but I’m trying to figure out where i will be doing yoga tomorrow am) and I’m looking forward to a soak in the bathtub before calling it a night.

But first, I was just pleasantly surprised by the hotel restaurant, Tempo, and the fact they had my favourite wine by the glass. I perched at a side high top table in the lounge and watched as the taxis lined up in a very civilized way to pick up the folks from the casino next door.

Ah, wonderful way to finish off my day.

Good glass of wine.

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