In Quebec City

This year, my boyfriend and I decided to do something very different. We decided to spend the Christmas holidays away, just the two of us together. Initially, we were thinking Paris, because, well, Paris. But I was still feeling a bit tight after Ireland. So we thought about Mont Tremblant. But trying to rent an appropriately sized condo there kept falling through.

So we ended up buying first class train tickets, renting a little suite, and coming to Quebec City.

Yes, I was here six months ago with my mom and sister. It was a tiny bit warmer then.

We came to Quebec City for relaxation and for the atmosphere. We packed movies, books, comfy clothes, wandering clothes, and going out clothes.

We’ve gone for a few walks around the old city, a couple of which were bitterly cold, requiring us to stop in a pub to warm up. D’Orsay warmed us yesterday, with Hefeweizen brewed in Quebec and mushroom ravioli in a green onion sauce as munchies.

We’ve had some lovely dinners at Le Quai 19 downstairs. And we just got back from a quite amazing dinner at a restaurant my boyfriend suggested -Echaude.

Cute street in our wanders today.

One of the archways in the ramparts, near the Assemblee Nationale.

We are on our way back home tomorrow. It has been an exquisite and relaxing time away.


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