The trip back

We got back last night from Quebec City and unpacked and then sat down with a “whew!” The train diverted at the last moment and instead of taking the remaining passengers to the other station in town, they had everyone get off at our station stop.

Now, we treated ourselves to travelling in business class (previously known as first class). Let me tell you, it appears that folks in business class aren’t used to not getting their own way. For example, on our trip down, we overheard a very unhappy lady explaining to her friend on the phone her dissatisfaction with not getting a meal on the two hour trip from Ottawa to Montreal. This is, of course, despite the fact that they had allowed her to switch her ticket at the last moment because her train (the one after ours) was at that point an hour and a half late due to the weather.

So, when the lady announced over the intercom last night that everyone must get off at the main terminal and that there would be taxis and buses available to transport folks the rest of the way, the not-too-classy couple behind us had a major problem with this. (We had unfortunately been overhearing them the entire trip, and we were “introduced” to them in the Montreal station as the woman loudly exclaimed in the business lounge, “Oh my god, how do they expect us to know where we’re going if they aren’t broadcasting the messages in English?!” To which I replied, “They broadcast English second…”). Whereas I suspected there must be a problem on the track or maybe an accident, the man said, “They want us to spend an hour in a cab getting there? Are they out of their minds?”

We all disembarked, with the man very loudly and passive-aggressively broadcasting his dissatisfaction at the change in his plans. Even going so far as to boorishly theorize that they just “didn’t feel like driving the train any further” and hurling aggressive statements and accusatory questions at all the staff. One quiet lady (fellow passenger) tried to intervene and he basically told her to butt out, by thanking her for her “kind and caring concern”.

Thankfully, the traffic controller fellow got them into a cab and on their merry way to the suburbs, but my boyfriend and I were just horrified by this couple’s terrible, entitled behaviour.

But the ride from Quebec City to Montreal was quite pleasant and picturesque. It was too dark to take pictures between Montreal and Ottawa.

Many flat fields where the wind must whip. As must the snowmobiles.

Only the tracks visible in the snow.

The power of Thor will save us in case of emergency.

These mountains were so gorgeous – also on our trip there, they were a fairyland of snow-wreathed trees.

Pulling into Montreal at sunset. Gorgeous.


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