This weekend, I went for a snowshoe hike with a couple of friends. I got up early (for me these weekend days) and made some “to-be-grilled” cheese sandwiches. Then I was saddened by my ill fitting snow pants, but I persevered.

Tracks in the snow.

We drove up to a more northerly trail in Gatineau Park. It was quite crisp and clear. The sky was blue with a depth to it. The snow glittered like crushed diamonds. A bare dead tree marked the entry to the main trail we were following. Maybe next time we could try the other route.

Tree at the crossroad.

Vista across a frozen lake.

We had a lovely picnic at the first cabin we found. The sandwiches grilled perfectly on the top of the wood stove, wrapped in tinfoil. My friend even suggested we add sliced green olives to them, which was a really interesting addition I’d never thought of before. It was really tasty. J brought a thermos of coffee, fresh veggies and olives. N brought trail mix and delicious brownies. We sat and chatted in the cabin, trying to dry out a bit at the wood stove.

I had to take my snowshoes off early on the way back, which made certain parts of the hike more slippery and challenging, but the way the snowshoes were forcing me to walk was beginning to chew at the skin on my heel. The trail was pretty packed down, thankfully. We stopped to chat more intensely at one point (so we could hear each other better over the squeak-crunch of the snow) and to let a speedy pair go by, and I made the mistake of backing a bit too far off the trail and sinking into the soft snow up to my knee. Yeah, the snow was deep. This is why snowshoes are useful and necessary.

Snow covered swamp. We knew it was a swamp because it smelled like a swamp. Even in winter.

We didn’t kill ourselves rushing back and had lots of great conversation. It was a really lovely hike.

The vista view coming back towards the beginning of the trail.

I just have to say, snowshoeing is not like hiking nor is it like running. Whole other parts of your legs are working. At one point, I could feel my hip flexors saying, “Hiiiiiii! We’re working haaaaaard!” Oy… But it was a great day with the ladies.


4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing

  1. I love snowshoeing, and don’t get myself out to do it nearly enough. I have so many close green areas to shoe through, but I keep forgetting that I can do this! ;)

    Lovely pictures!

    Joy :)

  2. It was indeed a great day and now the olive idea is out there on the internet for the world to embrace! I think you should also mention your ace navigation skills.

    • Heh, the Navigatrix Extraordinaire was in full force and working well, apparently. ;) It helps that I do know Gatineau pretty well.

      Luckily the world will benefit from the grilled cheese and olives idea. Note I didn’t mention my idea of the addition of sundried tomatoes to grilled cheese and olives. Oh, drat. Now I have. ;)

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