Pottery progress!

Imagine, if you will, a small child having just consumed a bowl of icing who spies more cake coming their way. The noise of, “Eeeeeeeeee!” And the jumping up and down clapping excitedly at a rate only surpassed by hummingbirds.


… Was my excitement upon finding my beautiful glazed pieces of pottery on the shelf tonight.

Reintroducing, Skanky Bowl (in Mysterious Blue which, when fired at Cone 6, turns green.)

The base of it where you can see hints of the blue still remaining

Rustic Drinking Vessel, in a black glaze that has gold flecks in it

Maybe you can see the gold flecks here?

Both pieces together, at home.

So tonight I glazed my vase in Emerald, and it was already being stacked in the kiln before I left.

It’s in there somewhere

And I trimmed three pieces for firing as bisque ware, that I’ll be able to glaze next class.

Yes, the middle bowl is wonky like that on purpose. It’s *artistic*.

*And* I made another drinking vessel that I’ll be able to trim in two weeks’ time and leave for firing as bisque ware. Then we’ve signed up for the spring course so I’ll be able to finish it off then.

I didn’t think I was going to continue with pottery, and we shall see at the end of the next term how I feel. It’s definitely fun, but there is a lot of equipment associated with it and you make things that you have to do something with afterwards. But there’s a sense of accomplishment when you get your original, handmade glazed piece back.


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