Introvert crash

One of those weeks, y’know? When work is bonkers and on top of that, there is official socializing to be done because an important visitor is here. So last week was a whirlwind of crazy preparation, logistics, organizing, re-organizing as schedules got changed. And then hosting, hosting, hosting. Two nights of socializing back to back, plus the stress of uncertainty (the only certainty in life) of whether I would receive approval to travel to a work meeting (still waiting – I only started this process in January /sarcasm) which is quickly approaching and will require plane ticket booking that can only happen after approval is received.

Saturday, I crashed. I woke up so unhappy with my life and the world. There were tears. There was a little bit of curling into a fetal ball. I’m not gonna lie. I sat in the bottom of my tub for a long time just feeling the shower pelting me and breathing.

And my boyfriend was very concerned initially, and very supportive overall. He just wanted me to feel better. We were quiet. We played Diablo III. We did a late night run to the grocery store and picked up Buffalo Bleu chips (family sized bag) and watched a movie while we ate the entire bag.

And by Sunday, I had collected myself enough. My friend J came over and we wrote quietly, each on our own device, while sitting on the couch with a pot of good English tea between us (and eventually fresh veggies as well). I got a chapter edited and another four pages added to my novel. She got to a turning point in her story. Then we all went for dinner at a local restaurant because I didn’t really know what to make.

This week has been a bit rough to go back to work. The rest has laid a thin veneer on, but it’s tenuous. People are surprised that such a result could come from socializing because I’m a friendly, social person, but that’s the thing. I’m an introvert. I can be social, but it takes a lot of energy. Being a part of a social committee at work is important to me, because I’m a huge supporter of work-life balance and improving morale through positive actions. But after a party, I need a rest without socializing because I’ve drained my bank.

I have more intense socializing coming up, but I think I’ll be okay. I’ll just do my best. And breathe. Breathing helps…


One thought on “Introvert crash

  1. :) Thanks for sheltering a fellow introvert chez toi on Sunday. It was the most creatively productive I’ve been in while due to work stress and waiting for stuff to happen already, and I’m glad you got a bit of reprieve too. Have a safe and great time socializing, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get some Sigur Ros in as planned.

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