Travelling once again

I was supposed to have landed in Reykjavik, Iceland yesterday morning. Except that my flight got cancelled due to strikes by the Icelandair pilots just as my late flight reached Toronto. So instead, I had a patchwork of flights that took me far off course (as the Irish customs agent smirked this morning that I’d overshot my destination a bit). I got in at 1am last night.

I went on the red eye from Toronto to Dublin. Yes, I accidentally went back to my beloved Ireland. Sunny, beautiful Dublin. No, really.

As we were leaving Dublin airport. I didn’t have the window seat when we were flying in.

I had a vegetarian Irish breakfast, to make up for the fact that I really haven’t felt like eating much during my travels. Even then, I barely ate half of it, though I finished my eggs and almost finished my beans and mushrooms.

Then I found a wonderful and different seating area with padded cubbies in the wall. I think it was mostly for kids but I joined the other two adults in using them too.

These should be everywhere.

It was such a divine break to recline back in not-a-chair. But it was dangerous because I instantly wanted to close my eyes and snooze in my little nest. So I stayed there for a bit, letting my legs stretch up and drain the blood a bit. Then I sadly got up and walked around.

Despite being hustled through customs because of my connection, my flight was later in the afternoon than my travel rearranger had said. So I had ample time to enjoy being on Irish soil. Then, I got on a British Airways (not Aer Lingus as the guy had said…) hop over the Irish Sea and landed in sunny London. Really!

Coming in for our landing, London, England.

I had Atlantic fish pie and buttered peas for dinner, after taking advantage of having my luggage to change the shirt I had been wearing since Sunday. And there was a rainbow out the window across from my table, which was quite lovely.

Rainbow over the tarmac.

My flight to Iceland was slightly delayed due to traffic, but we eventually got underway. We chased the sunset, and caught up. Midnight in Iceland looks like dawn.

As we were landing at Keflavik Airport.

So now I’m in sunny Iceland and I will wander around in the sun for a bit to try to continue overcoming my jet lag. There’s rumour that the pilots will be striking again Friday night, which sucks because I would really like to have a straightforward trip home. Here’s hoping.

View from the balcony outside my room, in Reykjavik.

Pottery phase 2

Our new pottery class started up again this week. And I was able to pick up three of my four remaining pieces from the previous class. Let me just say it – I am really happy with how the salamander bowl turned out.

Happy salamander striped bowl!

There was also the Randy’s Red rustic drinking vessel, which turned out really well, as did the Mysterious Blue bowl.

All three together.

I glazed a new one in denim blue, so I’ll be able to pick that up next week.