I am a Crated artist now! I uploaded a few of my photos from various trips and adventures. It’s really interesting to consider this side of art creation, because I’ve only ever given away my art before. As gifts, as cards, as a reaction to “Oh, I really like that sketch you did” which meant that I said, “Oh, you like it? Here, you can have it.”

My paintings and sketches may get up there eventually. I need to adequately photograph them first so that they can be reproduced in a good way. I was thinking of trying to find somewhere to professionally, large format scan them, but the only one I could find said they would disassemble my canvases, roll them up and send them to BC, so I should probably insure them……

I may have a skewed estimate the value of my pieces, but a lot of these take me weeks or months to complete and I am feeling attachment to them. I don’t want to risk it. Even if that’s something they just need to say to everyone for legal reasons.

So, instead, there are a few photos from very early on in my experiments with my dSLR, some from more recent trips and there are a couple of photos from my Ireland adventure. I’m going through my archive and curating more, but I haven’t added them yet. It’s taking a while because I don’t think I envisioned doing this. Sure, I thought I might do a show at my local, the Manx Pub, and potentially sell a few prints through that, but I had a specific set of photos that I planned on using, and those aren’t necessarily the ones I’m posting on Crated… yet.

Another adventure this year! The adventure of marketing and business, somewhere I never thought I would go.

↓ (You can click here to see my gallery) ↓

I am a Crated artist.


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