Iceland, part 1

So, this is the trip that I maintained the blog for this summer. After this, I may work on another project and close out this one.

We made it to Iceland without the trouble I had the first time around (discussed in a different post). The flights were smooth, if noisy because there were more families (and unhappy-to-be-flying babies and toddlers). There was no sleep for me that flight, and only a little for my boyfriend.

We flew over Greenland and it was amazing. Glaciers running like rivers down to the ocean and flakes of ice floating away from the edge down fjords. So gorgeous.

Which basically began the amazing gorgeous scenery that has been the rule of the trip so far.

No sleep was rough. We bounced around Reykjavik all day and went to learn about volcanoes. There was a movie, which was dangerous – a dark, warm, dry place with a story… There were a couple jerk-myself-awake moments. We also stopped by the Phallological Museum. Probably more interesting if you’re a biologist… I was surprised that they didn’t have a single reptile phallus.

We had a quick nap once we were able to check in to our hotel, and then went for dinner at K-Bar, which was really excellent and we agreed that there were certain family members – M and W – who would really appreciate it.

And yes, the sun isn’t going down really – it is light all night.

That’s 11:00 PM. Really.

We got up the next day, jumped into our hiking-adventuring gear and walked over to the car rental place to pick up our car. And by car, we were supposed to get something like a Yaris.

This. Is not a Yaris.

They were totally strapped for cars so we got an H3 for one day. They promised a smaller car the next day. So we took it and drove south east to check out Eyjafjallajokull. We found Skogafoss, which was gorgeous. We had run into other Canadians at the waterfalls slightly before and they were here for a weekend waterfall tour. They got to Skogafoss before we did and we met them on the stairs and they recommended we hike further than the top of the first waterfall to see other ones. They were so right and everyone who has the ability to do so should as well.

Somewhere above Skogafoss.

As far as we got – gorgeous.

It was a great day, despite being a bit misty/rainy. Oh, and the H3 used half a tank of gas. $115 worth.

The next day, we picked up a diesel KIA and did Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. Also lovely if touristy.

Thingvellir – the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Geysir, which smelled like volcano, also known as sulphur. We saw Strokkur explode – I think we just missed Geysir.

Gullfoss – huge, powerful, roaring.

We could also see Langjokull glacier from there, but to get close, we’d have to take back roads and our car can’t handle that.

We relaxed after those couple of days and went to Blue Lagoon.

Yep, those pools really are blue.

Which brings us to the driving-to-Akureyri day. The landscape that you drive through just makes you shake your head and say, “Okay, screw you, Iceland and your regular waterfalls in people’s backyards.” It is so gorgeous.

Random gorgeous scenery along Highway 1.

More soon – Akureyri, and adventuring in the north of Iceland!