Catching up – Alaska post

I promised a better Alaska post, so I’d best get on that before I forget *everything*.

One of the reasons why I haven’t been doing an Alaska post is that I’m pretty irritated by my photos on the last day. I took a lot of photos, and some that I was quite interested in seeing on my computer. But when I did, I was disappointed. I really should have thoroughly cleaned my camera before I set out on my last day. I have a consistent dust smudge  on the top left quadrant of all my photos. Grrr.

The first few days of my work trip were all work, which is good for a work trip, really. We got to Alaska and I tried the taco restaurant just down the street from my hotel, and then I went for a walk around the dog park and saw some angry beavers. Despite the clear signs saying that people should leash their dogs when going near the beaver lodge because the beavers are protecting their young at that time of year, well, people didn’t. But I didn’t see any beaver-dog fights while I wandered so that was okay. And I got “greeted” by one happy dog who had just been swimming in the beaver pond, but I was on my way back to the hotel, so I didn’t mind the wet face mark on my chest so much…

Anchorage is breathtaking, really. The city is perched on a delta/inlet and is backed by mountains. Yes, you have to worry about interacting with bears in the city, and moose. As I was walking anywhere, people were really friendly and said hi to you on the street. It was very odd, especially since people think you’re creepy, crazy, or trying to pick up if you do that in Ottawa.

We went to Orso for dinner on one night, and to our colleague’s house for dinner on the other night (when I saw the moose – three posts ago). Orso was lovely and the food was really delicious, and my colleague was able to find the red wine he liked, and it was quite good as well.

On the last day, when everyone was flying out, I had to stay because all the flights were full. So I spent the day rambling around Anchorage. I did the Coastal Trail walk from downtown to Earthquake Park, which was quite a hike, and I was in the wrong shoes for it. But it was a great walk, and there were planes everywhere. There were a couple of fighter jets (or more than a couple) doing exercises over the inlet. And there were bush planes taking off from the smaller airport, as well as passenger jets taking off from Anchorage airport.

I was able to see some sandhill cranes, a bald eagle sitting on a treetop, and two golden eagles – one flying and one sitting in a tree as well. That was quite exciting.

The information at Earthquake Park was really good, and definitely put the point across that the earthquake was terrifying. I can only imagine. Major land shifting, widespread destruction, loss of life. And then the aftermath of being without power, entirely cut off from aid and desperately in need.

When I got back to Anchorage from my walk, I went to Glacier Brewhouse, which was alright. It wasn’t exactly what I had wanted for food, but at that point, I was extremely hungry so I was okay with whatever. The beer was good though.

I’d like to go back for a vacation type visit – maybe do an Alaskan cruise and then go up to visit Denali National Park. And wear the right type of shoes for walking so far. My feet were really sore that night. :) Luckily, my hotel had a hot tub. ;)



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