A Decades-Old Mystery/Annoyance Solved?


Dear Person who donated their Dune three book set to a library in Eastern Ontario,

I have found your missing puzzle piece. It was hidden behind Dune Messiah in the back of the box.

I can only imagine how frustrated you were, 15 years ago or more, when you were missing this one small piece and thereby could not finish your puzzle.

Whether by accident or some sinister plan to upset your other pastime besides reading science fiction, the puzzle piece was hidden in the box of this 1977 printing of three of the Dune series books, and thereby lost to you.

I just wanted to put it out there, as I finally got around to reading these books, which I bought at least 15 years ago from the Friends of the Library for hopefully more than 50 cents, but I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully, you have overcome the frustration of that unfinished puzzle, and these words being sent out over the Internet will somehow soothe that last sharp edge of uncertainty because now, you know.

As for the puzzle piece – a piece separated from the collective, its purpose lost and its dharma unrealized because of its secret passage to other hands, perhaps I will try to soothe its unrealized potential by incorporating it into a multimedia art piece commenting on the facility of failure when one’s path or destiny are too closely defined.

But until then, know that I found your puzzle piece and I’m sorry your puzzle contains a blank spot about that size and shape.

All the best,

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