More plans

Sorry for the long silence. Usually when that happens it either means that I haven’t learned and all my blog post ideas are falling out of my head, or that I have been so busy, I haven’t even thought about what I could blog about. This time, it was mostly the latter.

It was a busy December at work, which included nights of overtime, up until 12:30pm on Christmas Eve. At this point I was “finished”, hit Send and I ran away to enjoy a week of vacation time and try not to think about work.

The week of vacation was a bit hectic, busy, filled with family and travelling and social things. So, it wasn’t really downtime. Which I came to realize on my first week back to work, when I was hit with some extreme exhaustion and I’m not sure what. So I was sick the first week of January.

But somewhere in all of that busy-ness, I was able to sit down with my boss and talk about what this year is going to look like.

And it looks like I will be able to do another leave without pay period.

While last time (what started this whole blog), it was to pursue training for my yoga, this time it will be space to work on all of that stuff that I wanted to develop. I may take some yoga courses, but because of the busy-ness otherwise planned for this year, I decided against doing another 100+ hour training. I will spend the time writing, painting, and other things, but I want to give myself the space to focus on them.

I have the paperwork on my kitchen table. I just have to discuss timing with my partner to see whether we have preferences for when I am free, for example if we want to take a trip.

So another set of wandering weeks will be planned for me. It won’t be nine this time, though. But maybe eight?

And I’ll just keep on ramblin’. ;)