Different patterns

I had a realization this morning about my daily patterns and how they have shifted. Not since last week, but gradually over time. 

There was a time when I would wake up early to take my pup for a walk every morning. Now, I seem incapable of waking up at that time in order to do something for myself – my supposedly daily yoga practice. I’m just too exhausted at 6:20 to consider rolling out of bed.

On a Sunday morning, you could be sure to find me, coffee or tea in hand, on my computer playing WoW. But this morning, I slept until my sleep headache forced me out of bed, still feeling bone tired, and I sat, reading, with tea in hand, contemplating the groceries I need to acquire today, whether I would hit the gym, whether to pick up and finally count those stitches on my current knitting project, what meals would be made this week and what position I should be sitting in to get rid of this headache. I think I will resort to ibuprofen. And probably yoga later rather than the gym.

But I enjoyed reading this morning. And I don’t inherently have a problem with patterns shifting. They shift because of the pressures of reality. I no longer have a pup. My interests have shifted. I share my day to day life with someone whose patterns influence mine and vice versa.

Now it’s time for breakfast, post ibuprofen.


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