One more work trip to do before this work is complete. This time I’m off to Finland. We’re having an international group meeting and then running a session about all our work at the 16th International Congress on Circumpolar Health.

One thing I have come to realize is that patience is a powerful skill to have. Well, that and the ability to self-entertain.

I look at my fellow travellers and see people get so easily frustrated at a line not moving fast enough or that airport officials aren’t noticing them.

For example, the lady behind me at the security scan was “ready” to get going, but I needed to unpack my laptop for it to be scanned separately. So I was taking up valuable time, I suppose. Except that I flew through without trouble and her electronics had to be re-scanned separately because they weren’t able to see everything.

Also, it’s no skin off my nose to be pleasant to the officials. They are just at work. I appreciate it when I have a good day at work.

So, I’ll post when I can on this trip. I’ve never been to Finland before!


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