Sunny day


This was the scene last night at about 11:50pm as I was going back to the hotel. Sunset is around midnight right now. Hence the pink spots on the clouds, I suppose.

We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant a few blocks from here, called Toripolliisi. I had the salmon soup to start, which was a slightly milky broth over large chunks of salmon and potato with dill and some other herbs. It was quite lovely. And then I (and most of the group) had the whitefish dinner, which was superb. The fish was fresh and simply cooked, two skin-on filets were draped over delicious sautéed mushrooms and caper and cream potatoes. We had a fancy dessert of a sliver of chocolate cake with a cream cheese icing, a few strawberry halves with a subtle herb on them, and a blueberry sauce topped with vanilla ice cream, and an unknown shot glass of a blueberry something. I thought it might be another sauce for dessert but most people drank it. It was creamy like a smoothie, and I did end up drinking part of it but I also drizzled it over the ice cream and the cake.

We then went to a pub nearby the hotel for a pint. I tried a different cider there – Crowmoor. It was quite mellow, and very nice. Most of my group were drinking Karhu beer.

However, this is the scene this morning. It is a warm and lovely day outside. 

Even the crosswalk is cobbled in the pattern.

And here’s a bit of lens flare looking into the sun.

I have a meeting this afternoon and then another dinner tonight. But for now, I’m back in my room with a chai latte (lactose-free – they are very good at that here) to practice my presentation. 

Good morning!


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