Finishing the Finland story

Again, sorry about that. I have some lovely pictures from my final few days in Finland, actually. The rest of the work stuff went well and I felt like I created much stronger links with my international colleagues.

I walked down to my last day of the conference through a park so I could see some of the city. Because of their latitude, they were enjoying a part of spring that I had already seen back home, with their trees blooming.

I was very lucky that my last day was bright and sunny. This is the path through the park, lined with birches.

The apple blossoms hadn’t even totally opened yet and this was June 11th.

Some funny graffiti along the path.

The salmon ladder beside the conference centre, to help the fish circumvent the dam.

The dam in need of avoidance.

After the morning session, I had to go get ready for my flight back to Helsinki. I wandered around looking for gifts for my family and saw a bit more of the city but it was rushed and not super touristy.

An example of the yarn section of the gift shop I went to. This kind of picture makes my husband groan with dread at the potential acquisition of moar yarn. ;)

Even in northern Finland, this is a thing.

Street work – re-cobble-stoning the intersection. It was loud but neat.

Then we headed back to the airport on the city bus, which took us through the same areas as our way in – very rural looking with lots of birches and conifers, and roundabouts. Our flight was late leaving so we sat, waiting in the little airport.

Blueberry juice on the plane. So delicious.

I was so thankful when we got to our airport hotel – the Hilton Helsinki. My room had a kettle and chamomile tea. And…

A bathtub with bubble bath. I had a nice soak and a soothing cuppa before climbing into bed for four hours sleep, since we had to check in for our flight at 4am.

Clouds are very bumpy people. The view out of Helsinki en route to Frankfurt, re-tracing our steps.

The Rhine. And parts of outer Frankfurt. Or somewhere around there.

Last photo – coming in to land in Frankfurt. 

I had an aisle seat for my flight home, with a small boy (who was old enough to know better) sitting behind me, kicking my chair. Awesome.  Also a toddler in the row ahead having a meltdown because she didn’t want to be with daddy, she wanted to be with mommy despite the fact that mommy had to breastfeed her little sibling at that moment. So she shrieked and cried instead. I felt for the parents, but they admirably kept their cool.
My little trip to Finland definitely whetted my appetite to go back and explore Scandinavia more. :)