Day 1 of writing

Although my leave started more than two weeks ago, it’s been a busy time since then. Plus I went away for a vacation to Prince Edward Island (which I will post about later, once I do some work on my pictures). So today is my first day sitting down to write. How exciting!

Unfortunately, it’s also very hot in Ottawa and we don’t have real air conditioning. But we have a little portable room air conditioner, that we’re currently asking to at least cool the bedroom, and we’re leaving the bedroom door open so the coolness oozes out into the rest of the apartment. Luckily the office is right beside the bedroom, so I have the fan blowing directly in the door, which feels pretty cooling.

So I’ve started my writing day by transferring a partially written short story from a moleskine into a word processing document and I’m going to expand upon it now. I have so many ideas…

I also have at least three paintings that need a little bit of paint on them, and a probably a fourth and fifth that I’m going to adjust since I’ve been looking at them up on the wall. :) Maybe even a sixth. Goodness!

I still don’t really feel like I’m really off for another month and a half. I guess it’s just hard for that to sink in. I am sure it’ll twig for me at some point. :)

Back to writing!


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