Halfway point

Hey, wow, it’s February 16th. Huh, that was both quick and slow.

Surprisingly, the “not being on social media” feels like more of a challenge than actually being disciplined and getting on my yoga mat every day. I’ve been pretty successful at keeping that up too. I’ve only missed two days this month so far.

It’s funny, though. I think I’ve been on Fazebuuk since 2007, maybe? I’d have to go on my profile to check and that is verboten this month. But it definitely feels like one of my tools. I realized I didn’t have someone’s up to date email address in my actual email but that I could probably get it from their FB profile, which I couldn’t go check. So, oh well. It wasn’t crucial. Then there are the birthdays I’m missing. No big deal, I guess. My sister referenced something my brother in law was doing this month that I had no idea about, so that was interesting. Then there were the moments when I wanted to check Twitter, or I thought I could look something up on Instagram… Like wow, nope.

What’s more concerning/revealing is what happens when I have a beat of downtime. A spare moment while cooking? Not able to be on FB! So what happens? I awkwardly handle my phone and then put it down, a little bit shocked at the mindless urge. The same upon getting home, or brushing my teeth before bed. And then I think, “Why do I need to do that??” I don’t. It’s why I chose this as this month’s theme. I might have to continue for 2 or 3 months to really break the habit. Breaking a habit is much harder than starting one.

So I’m definitely seeing the benefit of not being on my phone so much. I have time to sketch, read, chat with my husband. Real life things, go figure. I was sketching tonight during the downbeats in my cooking, so I was walking back and forth (not hard, they’re in the same room) between the stove and my desk.

I’m still trying to decide what March will be. There are a lot of experiments and habits that would fun or beneficial – how about Reading March, where I have to read X number of pages in a book every day? I was also talking about Muscley March, which would be a more realistic “hulk up” experiment, geared more towards building my lean muscle mass. I’m already toying with the idea of Artistic April, where I’ll need to do some artistic work every day, whether sketching, painting, sculpting or writing. I’m still deciding if practicing the piano would count in that one.

So this thematic year seems to be rolling along nicely. I’m also discussing doing a “Clean Eating” month. Not that we eat terribly, but to really go full on in stopping eating sugars etc. Maybe even cutting out alcohol. I was suggesting doing that during a really good local produce month, ie the summer. :/ Maybe August?

Anywho, that’s my mid-month update. I’ll be travelling soon so I’ll hopefully have a chance to blog about it – domestic travel but to a lovely city I enjoy so it should be nice.