Wrapping up March

There are still a few days left in March, but I’m only going to get one more real muscley workout in before the calendar turns over, as we’re travelling to see family for Easter. But I’m going to make sure to do my big machine workout tomorrow to make up for it.

I have figured out the weights I have been using though and that has made me feel more accomplished, actually. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered that each plate on the machine weighs 10lbs. But that the pulley system provides 0.5 resistance, so that actually means:

Actual weight = (number of plates x 10lbs) x 0.5 resistance

So happily, that means I’ve been pulling 70lbs with my lateral pulldowns (7 plates on two stacks = 14 plates) and 30lbs (6 plates on one stack) with my bow pulls, triceps extensions and bicep curls (though that one fails before I get a whole set). It doesn’t seem like much, but I’m evaluating at set 2 (of 3) whether to increase my weights next time and usually I am.

Considering how those feel, I’m pretty confident that the dumbbells I’ve been using are also in pounds (lbs). So I’m still struggling to complete my sets of hammer curls with 20lbs per hand, but frankly I’m also struggling with the machine bicep curls (which I’ve been doing with a bar connected to both stacks therefore using both arms on the same weight) at 30lbs. But I can easily complete full sets at 15lbs so that means I have to use 20lbs. So, it’s a work in progress.

We’ll be travelling on Friday, but I might be able to get in some yoga when we reach our destination. And I could always incorporate just body weight strength exercises into my post-driving recovery yoga. ;)

Next month, I will keep doing muscle building workouts, but my focus will be on doing something artistic every day. I have set up a backlog of sketches to do, and there are at least two poems fighting to be written (I am trying to work on one today before I lose it). I also have some short stories in my mind (and hopefully jotted down in my notebook for later). And, of course, the couple of books that I have started writing are vying for imagination space. Yesterday as I was walking (a prime writing time for me), an extra layer for my main book came to me (which I should also jot down in my “notes for changes to make when I’m editing later”). I’m trying not to go back and edit while I write because it just slows everything down. Also, I have paintings just waiting to be completed hanging around – one needs a Milky Way starry background; one needs tumbling ravens in a mating display; one needs more layers of blues, purples, greens and white; and another one needs… just more, it’s nowhere near done.

I’m also thinking of adapting one of the books into a graphic novel project instead. It had started as a graphic novel idea, then I just started writing it so that I could pursue the idea further, and now I’m wondering about going back. I have another graphic novel idea that’s in a very rudimentary stage of planning as well.

I don’t think it’s going to difficult to find something artistic to do every day in April…

Muscley March half way point


I just did my heavy workout, while still sore from Wednesday’s pliĆ© squats with a 45 (units?) dumbbell, followed by a lateral squat shuffle with two 15 (units?) dumbbells perched on my shoulders. I’m definitely good at isolating muscles, at least that’s what some of them are saying.

I realize that in one month, I won’t see the changes I’m aiming for but I am seeing the weights go up. So much so that I was miffed on Wednesday when a fellow gym user had the 20 (units?) dumbbells.

Today, instead of the lovely solitary experience I had last Friday, there was another person using the gym along with me. I felt self conscious but I shouldn’t have. He was being very respectful and I was able to use the weight machine for the entire time, as I had planned to do. I focused on all my standing exercises, and switched a couple so I could do them standing (standing chest fly), since he was using the bench. It was only when I wanted to do the lat pulldowns and seated rows that I actually had to interact with him and *gasp* ask if he was done with the bench because I needed to be seated for it. And he was done with the bench. So I rolled it over, clicked in the 7 plates (of 16… again, units?) on each hand and leaned back, pulling the bar to my chest.

I’m feeling those muscles now as I sit in the wing chair typing this on my phone, listening to the wind hum through the building cladding like a kazoo, and considering that I need to get up and pour my kettle into my big Friday mug for my next cup of tea.

I incorporated a few upper back strengtheners today, including my first exercise where I emulated pulling a bow. Only it was the one handed handle and it was attached to weights (first 4, then 5, then 6 plates). Strengthening for the archery I never do but enjoy both as a concept and an activity. :)

It’s mainly my upper body – arms, back, core, chest – that I’m interested in developing. As my massage therapist observed last weekend while we were trying to figure out the strange “sticking” happened in my right quadriceps – I have very muscular legs. I’m still going to work on them, but I already have good density there. She was also impressed by my doing squats with added weight while balancing on the Bosu ball. Thanks to physiotherapy for that one.

So Muscley March is going strong. I plan my week on Sunday, do my meal prep and try to make something that will provide good, protein-packed lunch leftovers. I definitely feel what folks talk about in terms of needing my sleep too. I’m trying to do yoga on my off days, to keep up the stretching I have been making gains in, but I’m being a bit less disciplined about it. I didn’t get any yoga done yesterday, for example. But I might do some tomorrow.

I’m also already starting to plan my Artistic April. I’m thinking of also doing a reading month, and a meditation month. But I will try to keep doing my muscle building through the year. :) And I’m pondering if I will try NaNoWriMo again this year. It’s naturally a month focused on writing every day…

So here’s the last song from my workout mix that was playing as I did my core twists. Enjoy!

And into March!

Wow, so that went by quickly. Of course, I had a ton of stuff going on, and it *is* the shortest month of the year.

But, a really interesting and eye opening result of 28(+) days without social media? I logged back onto it this weekend and I didn’t want to stay long. Even though I was scanning things to see what had happened in my absence, I wasn’t super compelled by what was on there. And I kind of wanted to actively avoid the stuff that bothered me. I consider that a win in this experiment. Two months down, two wins – more yoga in my life and less social media. I’m not going to reinstall FB on my phone for the time being, and see how it goes.

And Muscley March is starting slowly. It required a bit more planning than the previous two because I have to build my program myself. I haven’t gotten into the gym yet but I’m making decisions that will contribute to my fitness. So March 1st was all about taking the stairs, since I was still at my meeting away from home. (I’ll blog about that later.) I also was trying to eat better – I would like March to involve healthy eating as well.

In order to track some progress, I will take some measurements before I start in at the gym this week. I don’t have access to a scale but I did go and see my family doctor the second last week of February so I have that weight to go from. :P

I’m really hesitant to get back into my fitness app to track my food this month. I might just do meal planning to make sure what I make aligns with my plans for this month and then just see how it goes, without tracking every last morsel. I think that would be the less stressful/triggering way to go about it.

Let’s see what kind of gains I can make this month. :)