Journaling update and beginning of travel

So, I meant to write a week ago but June has been extremely busy!

The journaling e-course that I signed up for has been great. It has exposed me to some really interesting concepts relating to vulnerability and positivity. It has also introduced me to the Theodore Roosevelt speech referring to the man in the arena. Reading that gives me goosebumps.

I’m not as far through it as I thought I would be by now (i.e., done) because there was a stretch of time where I either wasn’t able to journal that day or I just didn’t have the energy to do the work involved. There are a couple of days where I feel I want to go back and redo the exercises. Because I think my tiredness affected how I did it, so the answers I wrote out in response to the question don’t really match what the e-course anticipated, if that makes any sense? The conclusion of those exercises said “Now you have discovered what you admire in certain people!” And I was looking at my answers and thinking, “I don’t think I ended up where I was supposed to…”

But I’m currently sitting in the airport, heading for another work trip. This time, I’m going to Oslo, Norway, for a conference. Another new place! I won’t get too much time for looking around, but hopefully with the proximity to the summer solstice, I’ll have some daylight after my conference day to at least wander around and see the city.

Journaling June

Mindfulness May wrapped up with a few stressful days, and more scattered-feeling meditations, but I really liked practicing observing the thoughts running around in my head. It was really amazing to see myself following my breath, counting them even, and then realizing that I was suddenly planning what was coming next or reviewing what had happened that day. And then to be able to shift back to counting my breaths again and not getting upset with myself was really good. A weird aspect of the Headspace meditations was that they give you a moment of just releasing the focus and letting your mind do whatever. Almost every time, my mind just kind of went blank when I could “let my mind wander”. It was neat.

This month will involve journaling every day. I signed up for Chookooloonks Glow e-course, where she sends a journaling prompt every day to lead you through an introspection exercise to work on recognizing strengths and maybe even making room for changes to happen in your life. She also recommends to use your journal for everything – writing down notes, shopping lists, ideas, doodling. I’ve enjoyed that today already. I’ll probably play with my writing utensils, but I started with my fountain pen and a number of coloured ballpoint pens for fun doodling, outlines, and checking things off my to do list.


Of course, these month themes aren’t the only things going on in my life these days. My husband has been dealing with lower back issues, which have been really debilitating. It’s funny how you can take your relative mobility or lack of pain for granted until it gets ripped away from you. It’s been a good reminder for us both to not ignore those initial signs that something has been tweaked. He’s heading to physiotherapy now, and I won’t be far behind him, once I check with my doctor about a stubborn hot/pulling sensation in my quad. Unfortunately, I figured out another yoga pose that it’s showing up in today – “sleepy pigeon”, but when that leg is straight back, not the bent one that you lean over, so that’s annoying as pigeon is one of my favourite poses. It seems very related to trying to release my hip flexors/psoas… like I say, annoying.

This month is going to be busy, with family visiting, solo trips, and travelling to visit family. I’ll try to blog my work trip to Norway at the end of the month, though I still owe a quick post about my February Quebec City trip… or is it too late now? Hm.

And sprummer is upon us here, after a pretty typical winter. Today, it’s humid and hot and the clouds look like they could storm, but the sun is out as well. We’re well into blooming season. :)

Some little irises I found on my sweaty walk home today from errands. :)